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I made some addons for TS4 Tiny Living, i haven’t seen these yet so i share them with you all.

For some you only need TS4 base game and some you need TS4 Tiny Living. For the coffeetable you need TS4 Get to Work.

Download TS4 Tiny Living addon SEPARETED @ simfileshare

Download TS4 Tiny Living addon MERGED @ simfileshare

Have fun!

Link download by objects

It’s a sort of remake from a The Sims 3 store set, i’d realy like the coffeetable en bookcase.

If you cut and paste a bit, give it a dot…. then is this ML set the result!

Here is the diningchair to match the ML serie.

Comes in 6 maxis match wood colors, basegame compatible.

Download @ Simfileshare

Link to ML serie

Have fun!