TS4 – Eco Lifestyle

Here a new vertical garden for your simmies.. Recycled from the bathtub from Strange ville.

Download TS4 ECO vertical garden SV @ Simfileshare

Here a new vertical garden for your simmies.. A modern one for your wall.

Download Vertical Garden wall @ Simfileshare

This Tray is Separeted, The tray has 6 slots, 5 small and 1 medium. Glasses and 1 glass. Don’t forget the bottle!

Download Separeted Tray SEPARETED @ Simfileshare

Download Separeted Tray MERGED @ Simfileshare

This display keeps your Fizz drinks cool for selling. They don’t spoil.

Download Fizz Keep it Cool Display @ Simfileshare

This shelf from TS4 ECO Living looks great! Now you have more options to use it,

Download ECO Shelfs SEPARETED @ Simfileshare

Download ECO Shelfs MERGED @ Simfileshare

With this garden clutter there is no blind spot in your backyard, i missed candleholder in this EP, so i made a number.

Download ECO Living clutter SEPARETED @ Simfileshare

Download ECO Living clutter MERGED @ Simfileshare

Some signs for your Market.

Download sign small @ Simfileshare

Download sign medium @ Simfileshare