TS4 – Parenthood

Tables and barstool addon, remake from the desk and chair.

Download Table and barstool addon SEPARETED @ simfileshare

Download Table and barstool addon MERGED @ simfileshare

A lot of decoration for sims who like to craft.

Download Clutter project SEPARETED @ simfileshare

Download Clutter project MERGED @ simfileshare

Build your own castle. There are 4 objects. If you use [ or ], you can turn it in a verry big castle for your kids to play in.

Download BYC MERGED @ simfileshare

Two tables, a dirty one for the crafting and a crate to put stuff in it.

Download Crate tables MERGED @ simfileshare

Boxes to store your collection.

Download Storage boxes MERGED @ simfileshare

For big families, A big table and 2 coffeetables. From the bar chair i made a diningchair. (preview)